Custom Stand Construction

Does your company have particular qualities? Then make people aware of them with a custom exhibition stand. Perfectly planned, well built, and finished on time, right where you need it. With everything you could possibly need
That's a promise.

Construction System

The setCubed construction system is anything but ordinary. And we can prove it to you by designing a stand to your exact specifications from our pre-manufactured modules. Tell us what your budget is and we will make the very best of it.
With a turnkey design.

A shop must be able to sell.

Your customers are sensitive to first impressions and the attractiveness of the products' presentation.

You devote your attention to practicability and a CD-compliant design.

We take all of this into account.
Complete, from the shop counter to the light fittings.
Quite illuminating.

Your Events

You wish to stage an event which will remain in your visitors' minds for a long time?
Together with our specialist partners, we employ intelligent strategies and smart tactics.

From the motto to the programme, from the sound equipment to the crossbars.
Beginning with the planning, taking in all organisational activities, and ending with the transport and assembly of all the units.

Upon request, we can also perform the attendant marketing activities. What could be slicker?

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The projects we implement are as varied as the markets and companies we work for.
With one eye on the big picture and the other on the detail.

[ setCubed Customers ]

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